We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves

all_completely_beside_ourselvesKaren Joy Fowler

Rosemary Cooke is a little odd. But you would be too if you grew up in a family like hers. She comes from a loving family, but at the age of 5 her life is turned upside down. She tries to make sense of it, but what she remembers as an adult and what really happened sometimes does not coincide. While at College, she uncovers some of the truth when her estranged brother visits her. He is an animal rights activist and the FBI is after him. While they both share a traumatic past experience, he deals with it with action and she very passively, until she forgives herself and takes control.
This was a great read. There is a lot of humour and the author’s writing style is vivid and witty. The themes are family, relationships, animal rights, perception and memory, and the lasting impact of trauma on our lives.