The White Devil

white_devilJustin Evans

Andrew Taylor is a young American student who goes to Britain to attend Harrow, an exclusive private boy’s school in London. The description of the gothic school sets the tone to the book from the start. Andrew will perceive the presence of a ghost and witness the murder of one of his friends. People close to him will be infected by tuberculosis. Andrew will discover that the ghost is a young boy who attended Harrow around 1807 and was the lover of Lord Byron. Andrew bears a strong resemblance to the poet, so much so that the ghost seduces Andrew and infects those close to him with the virus to get rid of any competitor. Andrew will try to get rid of the ghost in order to stop the spread of the disease and to save his friends, and will confront the ghost in the final pages of the book.

Good atmospheric horror story that touches on the life of Byron.