The Taste of Apple Seeds

taste_apple_seedsKatharina Hagena

Lovely book about memory, loss, family, and love.
When Bertha dies, her grand-daughter Iris inherits the house and while deciding whether to keep it or not, she recalls her youthful holidays there and some of the joyous moments and the tragic events that took place. Through it all, we live through Bertha’s worsening dementia and discover family secrets, hidden loves and magical moments.
What I enjoyed most about the book were the descriptions of the house and its land, the garden, fruit trees and flowers, the love of gardening, of swimming naked in the lake, and the shear joy of Summer. The girls dress in lovely frocks that use to belong to their mothers and aunts. There is a sense of nostalgia that is quite palpable. One can smell the apples and the earth and see the house and the garden, and hear the rustling of the dresses.