The Sense of an Ending

sense_endingJulian Barnes

I loved this book! A middle-aged divorced man named Tony reminisces about his first girl-friend Veronica and his old school friend Adrian, whom he worships. He takes us on a journey back to his old self and his failed relationship with Veronica that stiil stings him after all these years. However, when he gets a letter from a solicitor his perception of what he remembers shifts and he is confronted with the reality of his actions, and has to reassess the person he was and the one he has become, as well as his feelings towards his past friends. The author expertly explores how memories fail us , how what we remember is often shaded by our warped perception and self-preservation, and how we interpret and imagine the lives of others. Writing from the first person, we are caught up in his thoughts and his viewpoint and awaken as he does to reality.
2011 Booker Prize Winner.