Sunset Park

sunsetparkPaul Auster
Fiction A934s

Miles Heller is a young man who is fleeing his past. Though he is an intelligent and educated person he works in menial jobs and has no ambition. In Florida, he meets and falls in love with Pilar, a seventeen year old high-school student. Pilar’s sister threatens Miles so he has no choice but to go back to New York and confront his past. He has not seen his father, step-mother, and mother for over seven years and finally contacts them and tries to come to terms with himself.

In the meantime he lives as a squatter in an abandoned house with 3 other young adults who are all struggling to find themselves and have little money. But just when things start to fall in place for Miles a tragic event will rock the foundation of his world once again.

Beautifully written and crafted book, seamlessly intertwining characters and plot lines to achieve an achingly moving and human work.