Mister Pip

misterpipLloyd Jones

Matilda is 14 years old. She lives on an island in the South Pacific with her mother. There is only one white man in her village, Mr. Watts, and they call him Pop Eye. The island has been blockaded and a war has broken out between the rebels and the red skins. In the midst of this turmoil Mr Watts starts teaching the children and reads Great Expectations by Charles Dickens to them, one chapter a day. Matilda and the other children will immerse themselves in the story and will forget for a while their terrible reality. They will see parallels between their lives and that of Pip and the other cast of characters. Matilda and Mr. Watts will form a special bond which will cause a rift between Matilda and her mother. A struggle will ensue concerning the beliefs of Matilda’s mother and that of Mr. Watts. A terrible event will allow them to gain respect for each other.

This powerful, unforgettable novel explores faith, the power of literature and story telling, and the devastating effects of war and hatred.