Man in the Dark

Man in the DarkPaul Auster

August Brill cannot sleep. He lies in the dark and tries not to think of his recently dead wife Sonia, of the murder of his granddaughter Katya’s boyfriend Titus, or of the sadness of his daughter Myriam whose husband left her. In order not to think of these events, Brill imagines a story set in a parallel America caught in a civil war. His hero, Owen Brick, must kill the person responsible for the war, none other than August Brill himself. Brill weaves his story in his head but will be interrupted by the memories and thoughts that he cannot escape. Katya cannot sleep either and comes to see him in his room. She asks him to talk to her about her grandmother and Brill reminisces about her and his life. The novel ends with the waking of Myriam and the break of dawn. A glimpse of hope sets into their lives as they waken to another day.

Excellent novel that explores loss and human frailty and the atrocities of war.