Last Night in Montreal

last_night_montrealEmily St. John Mandel

Since the age of 7, Lilia Albert has been on the run. Her father abducted her to keep her safe from her abusive mother but Lilia doesn’t remember what happened. With her father, she criss-crosses the United States, desperately trying to evade the detective searching for her and unable to stop traveling. The last place she flees to is Montreal. She is followed there by her ex-boyfriend and there will be a tragic outcome when the detective’s unbalanced daughter confronts her and the past is revealed.
This is a story about love, loss, obsession, and the tragedy of the family.

«I just finished a really wonderful first novel. I first checked it out of the library, but since I was so entranced by the writing and the characters, I am heading out to the bookstore today to buy a copy. I want it to be on my bookshelves, along with all those other books that just looking at (whether or not I reread them) make me glad to be a reader.»- From Nancy Pearl’s Website Book Lust Forever.