The Sisters Brothers

The-Sisters-BrothersPatrick deWitt

This is the story of two brothers, Charlie and Eli Sisters, who are gunslingers and journey from Oregon City to San Francisco during the Gold Rush to capture Herman Kermit Warm. They have many funny and quixotic encounters,for example,with a weeping man, a bear, and a witch, and many violent ones also. It is a story of adventure, yes, but also of the shifting relationship between the brothers and their journey of self-discovery.
A very entertaining and satisfying book.

The Englishman’s Boy

englishman_boyGuy Vanderhaeghe

The life of Harry Vincent, a young title-writer in 1920s Hollywood, collides with the story of a young drifter known as the Englishman’s boy, who in 1873 joins a group of wolf hunters in the search for a ring of horse thieves, as Harry prepares to work on a movie being made about him some fifty years later. [NoveList]

Little Big Man

little_big_manThomas Berger

The astonishing reminiscences of an ancient and immodest Indian frontiersman form a witty, lusty, and highly impressive epic, a panoramic enlargement of the way of life in the Old West. [NoveList]

The Chili Queen

chili_queenSandra Dallas

Her protective instincts brought out by Emma, who was sent to New Mexico to marry a man she has never met, Addie French takes her new friend under her wing, and the pair begins unfolding secrets, hatching schemes, and questioning everything they once believed. [NoveList]