Genre anglais : Thriller

It all falls down

Sheena Kamal

Book two in this very satisfying series featuring the flawed and broken heroine Nora Watts. Set in part in Vancouver and Detroit, Nora is in search of her father but ends up with a hit on her which puts her life in grave danger. In Detroit, she also learns more  about her mother who abandoned her and her sister when they were children and who has mysteriously disappeared. Can’t wait to read the next book which is sure to come.

Sharp Objects

sharp objectsGillian Flynn

Camille Preaker is a journalist trying to prove herself. She is sent to her small home town of Wind Gap, Missouri to get information about the brutal slaying of two young girls. Camille is loath to visit her very dysfunctional family, especially her mother. The atmosphere of evil is very palpable: the town’s main industry is a pig abattoir where one can hear the atrocious squeals of pigs and witness their inhumane treatment; children have lost their innocence and are tortured souls; adults behave as though they are still in high school and have nothing to do but gossip and throw vitriol. Who murdered these girls and what is the world coming to? wonder the townspeople. Camille will uncover the mystery but in the process will also discover the horrors of her past.
This is a very chilling psychological murder-mystery. Stephen King calls it «A very nasty piece of work, elevated by sharp writing and sharper insight».

The Constant Gardener

The Constant GardenerJohn Le Carré

Justin Quayle works in the British Foreign Office in Kenya. His wife, an aide worker, is found dead and the doctor she was with goes missing. Justin will uncover what happened to his wife who was investigating how pharmaceutical companies use poor Africans as guinea pigs before the drugs have had a chance to be properly tested. But the industry is powerful and people in high places are not willing to help with Justin’s investigation.

A well crafted, political thriller.

The Emperor of Ocean Park

The Emperor of Ocean ParkStephen L. Carter

Set in the privileged world of New York-Washington-Martha’s Vineyard upper-crust African-American society and the inner circle of an Ivy League law school, it tells the story of a complex family with a single seductive and dangerous link to the shadowlands of crime. [NoveList]

Offer of Proof

offer_proofRobert Heilbrun

Defending a young Harlem resident who may have been falsely accused by a murder victim, public defender Arch Gold places his reputation and eventually his life on the line in spite of discouraging evidence about his client’s guilt. [NoveList]

Before I Go to Sleep

before-i-go-to-sleepS.J. Watson

This is one of the best thrillers I have ever read. Christine wakes up every morning to her husband Ben and doesn’t know who he is. She has amnesia and remembers nothing of the previous day or of her life but she starts writing in her journal and every day re-reads it and begins to unravel her past. But things are not as they seem. Someone is lying to her? Is she paranoid? Her memory returns to her in part but she doesn’t know who she can trust and she wrote in her diary «Don’t trust Ben». What happened? You will read this book compulsively to find out.