Genre anglais : Mystery

People of the Book

People of the BookGeraldine Brooks

Offered a coveted job to analyze and conserve a priceless Sarajevo Haggadah, Australian rare-book expert Hanna Heath discovers a series of tiny artifacts in the volume’s ancient binding that reveal its historically significant origins. [NoveList]

Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter

crookedTom Franklin

Crooked letter is the letter S. It can also stand for a snake, symbol of evil. In Mississipi, a young girl has gone missing and everyone blames Larry Ott. Years ago he dated a girl who disappeared shortly afterwards and though the body was never found Ott is perceived as a killer and ostracised. Ott had a black friend named Silas Jones and though they no longer are friends their lives will intertwine and the truth will surface changing the way they perceive themselves and each other.

A very atmospheric and well-crafted novel, more of a psychological drama than a suspense.

The White Devil

white_devilJustin Evans

Andrew Taylor is a young American student who goes to Britain to attend Harrow, an exclusive private boy’s school in London. The description of the gothic school sets the tone to the book from the start. Andrew will perceive the presence of a ghost and witness the murder of one of his friends. People close to him will be infected by tuberculosis. Andrew will discover that the ghost is a young boy who attended Harrow around 1807 and was the lover of Lord Byron. Andrew bears a strong resemblance to the poet, so much so that the ghost seduces Andrew and infects those close to him with the virus to get rid of any competitor. Andrew will try to get rid of the ghost in order to stop the spread of the disease and to save his friends, and will confront the ghost in the final pages of the book.

Good atmospheric horror story that touches on the life of Byron.

A Drink Before the War

drink_before_warDennis Lehane

Patrick Kenzie and Angela Gennaro are private detectives in Boston. They are hired by a Congressman to find his employee who has disappeared with very important documents. Kenzie and Gennaro will discover that the documents in question are highly compromizing photos of the politician. They will also be in the middle of a gang war between two rival black gangs. Through this thriller Lehane paints a vivid portrait of modern Boston society -the racism and violence of the streets and the hypocrisie and corruption of the white politicians.
This is the first book in which Kenzie and Gennaro appear. They are flawed and wounded heroes and the sexual tension between them is palpable.