Genre anglais : Graphic novel

American Born Chinese

american_born_chineseGene Luen Yang
BDA Y22a

This is a coming of age novel featuring Jin, an American-born Chinese boy, who wants to fit in so badly that he loses himself in the process. Like the monkey king who wears shoes and doesn’t see himself as a monkey, he will learn what it is to accept himself. There are very funny scenes in this graphic novel, for instance when Chin-Kee, comes to visit his cousin Danny. Stories intertwine and come together in the end, in a very surprising manner.


chew_omnivore_editionJohn Layman
BDA L427c

Tony Chu, a detective who gets psychic impressions from whatever he eats, is recruited by the Special Crimes Division of the powerful FDA law enforcement agency, where he uses his unusual skill to solve their strangest cases.


Invincible : ultimate collection. 1

invincibleRobert Kirkman
BDA K59i

Having a father who is the most powerful superhero on the planet makes life interesting for Mark Grayson, but the high schooler’s life really starts to heat up when he finds himself inheriting his father’s powers.


Y, the last man. 1, Unmanned

y the last manBrian K. Vaughan
BDA V364y

When a plague of unknown origin kills every mammal with a Y chromosome, Yorick Brown discovers that he is the only male left and embarks on a transcontinental journey to discover why.


V for Vendetta

V_VendetaAlan Moore
BDA M821v

In a near-future Britain ruled by a totalitarian regime, Evey is rescued from certain death by a masked vigilante calling himself “V,” a beguiling and charismatic figure who launches a one-man crusade against government tyranny and oppression. [NoveList]