Genre anglais : Gay and lesbian

Angels in America : a Gay Fantasia on National Themes

angels_america_gay_fantasia_national_themesTony Kushner
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The most anticipated new American play of the decade, this brilliant work is an emotional, poetic, political epic in two parts: Millennium Approaches and Perestroika. Spanning the years of the Reagan administration, it weaves the lives of fictional and historical characters into a feverish web of social, political, and sexual revelations. [Amazon]

The Hours

hoursMichael Cunningham

Virginia Woolf is brought back to life in an intertwining of her story with those of two more contemporary women. In Woolf’s life, she awakens one morning in London in 1923 with a dream that will become Mrs. Dalloway. In the present, Clarissa Vaughan is planning a party in Greenwich Village for her oldest love, a poet dying from AIDS. And in Los Angeles in 1949, Laura Brown is pregnant and unsettled, trying to prepare for her husband’s birthday, but wanting nothing more than to sit and read Woolf. [NoveList]