Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother

battleAmy Chua
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In this highly entertaining and controversial memoir, Amy Chua, a Chinese-American Yale law professor, expounds on the virtues of bringing up one’s children the Chinese way, that is by imposing that her daughters play an instrument several hours a day, forgo sleepovers and play dates, and generally excel at everything they do under the severe tutelage of their ever present and fierce mother. Often hilarious and hair raising, her account is brutally honest and offers insight on the differences in how some westerners and some Chinese bring up their children.
« Even before Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Chua’s proudly politically incorrect account of raising her children “the Chinese way,” arrived in bookstores Jan. 11, her parenting methods were the incredulous, indignant talk of every playground, supermarket and coffee shop. » from Time Magazine