annihilationJeff Vandermeer

Book one of the Southern Reach Trilogy. Four women scientists are part of the 12th expedition to Area X, a disaffected and uninhabited region of the Earth, to gather information. They explore a tunnel and find writing on the wall that seems to be generated by a living organism. Told from the perspective of the biologist, the description of the events and the experiences tell of a world where nature has been transformed and living organisms have melded into other forms, both human and non-human. At the end of the book, the biologist is on her own and will explore further reaches. What will she discover and what has been happening in Area X? I can’t wait to find out.
This book is slow-paced at the beginning, but the pressure builds as the story unfolds. There is a psychological element as the heroine of our story is very introverted and alone, and we learn about her life through her musings, in a well-integrated series of flashbacks.